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Creativity for All Ages

Talents and Creativity

Public education is not interested in creativity.  Public education is interested in conformity.

The best way to increase conformity is to have a comprehensive curriculum based on a narrow set of standards.

Even if the public schools were successful we are destroying the creative, independent spirit in our kids.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.    — Albert Einstein 

NOT BROKEN believes talents should drive the public school curriculum.

Let’s make school a place where all kids have the opportunity to apply their talents in creative ways.

Kids walk into schools full of wonder, with their talents exploding.

Yet, the public schools require kids to limit their enthusiasm, ignore their natural talents, and comply with the scheduled curriculum.

It’s up to parents to change the public schools for the sake of your kids.

Through the eyes of the greatest athletes of all time, IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a cinematic journey into the secrets of genius. From award-winning filmmaker Gabe Polsky (Red Army, Genuis) this groundbreaking feature documentary includes original interviews with Wayne Gretzky, Pelé & Jerry Rice, and features Muhammad Ali, Einstein, David Bowie, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan among others.

A creative place

While teachers claim to value creativity, it’s almost impossible to have a creative school environment when the curriculum dominates the learning process.

A revolutionary reappraisal of the public schools is necessary where parents are partners in the teaching and learning process.

Ken Robinson is one of the world’s most influential voices in education, and his 2006 TED Talk describes why we need to emphasize talents and creativity in our schools.

NOT BROKEN believes parents can no longer ignore what is taking place in their kid’s school. 

Billions of dollars are being spent by textbook companies, education bureaucrats, and public school consultants to standardize public education in America.  Their goal is to improve the schools and ensure quality.

However, standardization never leads to creativity and a passion for learning.

Our kids are not products or widgets and it’s time to reverse course and focus on the greatness of our kids — their talents.

Through Lego, kids have multiple opportunities to grow their talents.

Here are a few opportunities:

  • Combining talents with interests.
  • Showcasing talents and interests.
  • Imagining ways to apply talents.
  • Striving to create something unique and different.
  • Working with others in creating and inventing.
  • Obtaining a real sense of completion and success.
  • Telling stories about success.

LEGO is a great way for kids to discover their greatness.

A joyful place

NOT BROKEN believes when the talents of our kids drive the learning process everything changes. 

Ultimately, our kids should not be in a place where they ask what am I supposed to learn?

Rather, our kids should be in a place where they are asked about their own life; what do they have to offer, what talents can they contribute and what is their value?   

In such a place, joy increases as our kids engage and create their own learning.

Make Just One Change argue that formulating one’s own questions is “the single most essential skill for learning”—and one that should be taught to all kids.

The authors present the Question Formulation Technique, a concise and powerful method that helps kids to produce their own questions, improve their questions, and strategize how to use them

Happy Skills for Happy Kids offers ten coping skills to show kids joy is everywhere, you just have to look for it

Every skill is introduced with a simple rhyme.

Engaging illustrations demonstrate how each coping skill works and encourage kids to practice with the characters in the book.

A parenting section provides information on how coping skills work, and ideas for helping kids get the most out of each idea.


Over 50 exercises and practices to help kids calm their mind and body, pay attention, become more self-aware, feel happier and confident, connect with others and have fun.

Self-directed play by kids is what schools should look like.  When kids are in charge of their own learning great things happen. Adults support learning but do not direct it.  When kids are in charge of their own learning, they have a joyful, creative learning experience.

The creativity connection

  • Learning is a process of creation where each new thing connects to another. 
  • Using their natural talents, kids create, connect, learn, and create again. 
  • Creativity increases as kids gain more confidence in their talents.
  • Encouraged by success, kids have an increased desire to acquire more knowledge and skills to grow their talents. 
  • As talents become perfected, creativity, experimentation, and the desire for more knowledge and skills are amplified.
  • The result is the transformation of talents into strengths where kids assume greater responsibility for their own learning.

Sparking Student Creativity will help you to produce creative lesson components that directly address critical content, target specific standards, and require thoughtful products from students as they grow into independent learners and become successful students and adults.

A fun storytelling game for kids and teens. Supercharge their creative side!

Team Challenges 170+ Group Activities to Build Cooperation, Communication, and Creativity

Creativity is an essential ingredient for a happy childhood, and this is the ultimate collection of ideas for arts and crafts, building and tinkering, writing and rhyming, singing and dancing, and more!

With 500 unplugged, hands-on activities for children ages two to twelve, this book goes beyond the simple arts and crafts found in most kids’ creativity books and offer fun ideas for a generous range of imaginative and creative play—all in one giant book.

Fuel the fire for your child’s creativity!

Talents are everywhere, w just have to look for them.

Kids are naturally curious, inventive, imaginative, and creative.

If a kid says something silly, moves differently, or creates something unique, embrace it.

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