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Civics for All Ages

Talents and civics

NOT BROKEN believes the best way to honor our individuality is to value the natural talents that belong to each individual. 

The American story is based on individual talents and strengths.

America is exceptional because it was created to protect the dignity and self-worth of every individual.

Through American civics — what we value and believe as a Country — we inform our kids on how the American Constitution protects the dignity and self-worth of every individual.

Civics begins at home

NOT BROKEN believes society benefits when families emphasize and reinforce their kids’ talents. 

When kids learn every individual has valuable talents they develop respectful relationships. 

Kids learn their individual talents are valuable from their parents.

It is the responsibility of parents to identify and support the talents of their kids. 

Mutual respect

NOT BROKEN believes we have the right to use our natural talents to create our own personal success.

The Constitution and Declaration of Independence make it clear that our rights came from God or nature, not the government.

America is based on the civics of mutual respect where the talents of every individual are valued.

Early childhood civics

Outstanding resources any parent can use to give their kids a head start on playing, interacting, and learning with other kids

Growing talents

NOT BROKEN believes it’s up to parents to showcase their kid’s talents. 

When you play with your kids they learn essential skills but they also learn about their natural talents.

Talent-based childrearing emphasizes talents over perceived weaknesses or flaws.

It makes sense to grow the talents of your kids, even at a very young age.

The Child Whisperer describes various strategies for building cooperative relationships with kids.

NOT BROKEN believes kids need to be with their parents as long as possible before they attend school.  

The book below is about the many ways kids reason, make decisions and value their world around them.

Every kid has unique talents, but it’s up to parents to make sure these talents are valued.

Parents have the greatest opportunity to create a culture of success for their kids

Civics for elementary

It’s never to early to teach the values of responsibility, independence, and resilience to our kids.

Give a young patriot an awesome activity book this holiday season!

By filling out this book, kids will create a treasured family keepsake.

Parents have a great opportunity to discuss the greatness of America with their kids.

Inspire your kids with the spirit of liberty and the freedom to use their natural talents to be successful.

Together, discuss their hope and dreams for the future.

It’s a fun and easy way to learn the Constitution.

It’s nonpartisan and beneficial for all.

It’s vital because a population that understands the fundamentals of its self-government governs best.

Parents with their kids, together, raise their Constitutional IQ.

Constitutional republic

NOT BROKEN believes civic education should play a dominant role in the high school education of our kids.

Parents and teachers should partner together in providing a sense of patriotism and gratitude for the American culture of success.

Most importantly, our kids need to know the reasons why America is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy.

Democracy does not work; it always deteriorates into tyranny.

The American Founders knew this and created a Constitutional Republic to ensure that all citizens would have their rights protected from the “tyranny of the majority” or a repressive government.

The Founders were also strong advocates for individual self-governance, where every citizen is responsible for their own success.

The Founders invented a Constitutional system that established a republic to protect the rights of the minority.

Civics for high school

Civics includes social studies, history, and government.

Our Republic will not survive if its citizens look to the government for their success.

Civics education creates a foundation where all Citizens have a stake in their country: “Skinn in the Game.”

Parents and teachers partnering together can make civics education a priority in our high schools.

NOT BROKEN believes civics literacy must be restored as a priority in our schools because it is the linchpin to our kids being successful, productive Citizens. 

Family civics

Civics should not be left to the schools.

Civics are a great place for parents to learn with their kids how the government works and the role of citizens.

Below is a list of civics resources parents can use to enjoy civics with their kids:

  • Published by the National Conference of State Legislatures to educate citizens on the legislative process, build links between schools and legislators, and provide a forum on issues. This site highlights “Project Citizen,” which engages students in monitoring and influencing public policy, and “America’s Legislators Back to School Day.”
  • This site, published by the Center for Civic Education, provides sample lesson plans and curriculum materials for elementary, middle and high school grades on student participation in local government, the Constitution, and citizen’s rights.
  • The Delaware Social Studies Education Project at the University of Delaware works to advance the status and quality of social studies education, maintain a social studies resource center, identify and disseminate instructional materials aligned with the state’s content standards, deliver quality professional development, and keep educators informed about the latest developments in the field.
  • The Delaware Center for Economic Education & Entrepreneurship provides hands-on workshop opportunities for economics teachers. The center’s programs encourage teachers to instill practical skills such as informed decision-making in their students.
  • Published by CIVITAS, this site includes lesson plans, original journal articles, and book reviews as well as civics headlines. It also provides exercises teaching fundamental democratic values.
  • The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching young people the principles upon which our nation was founded and conveying the close link between the rights and the responsibilities of citizens in society.
  • The White House website provides links to US government agencies. Also, access government information via subject index and search engine. Take a historical tour of the White House. Includes a kid’s page.

Electoral College

The Founders created the Electoral College to elect the President of the United Staes.

The Electoral College was designed to protect the citizens of the smaller states, and they rejected government by simple majority because it has historically been the tool of dictatorships.

To win the presidency, the candidate must receive a majority of the electoral votes.

To determine how many electoral votes a state has, we combine the number of each state’s U.S. Representatives and add two (which represents the number of Senators for each state).

Even the citizens of the smallest states have a minimum of three electoral votes.

The resources below help to explain the Electoral College in more detail.

The Presidential Game represents a real-life political experience for the WhiteHouse.

Learn why the Electoral College prevents the tyranny of the majority.

  • Why the Founders established the Electoral College—and why they thought it vital to the Constitution
  • Why the Electoral College was meant to be more important than the popular vote
  • How the Electoral College prevents political crises after tight elections
  • Why the Electoral College doesn’t favor one party over the other
  • Why the states are the driving force behind presidential elections and how efforts to centralize the process have led to divisiveness and discontent
  • Why the Electoral College is inappropriately labeled a “relic of slavery”


Election Night!  – A great game to learn how the US President is elected. 

A super fun way to learn essential math, geography, and civics while strategizing your way to the White House.

Winner of 2019 Parents Choice Gold Award.

Success for all kids

The education of our kids belongs with parents and local school-communities — not with the federal government.

Parents know their kids’ talents and interests best.

The book below explains why Common Core and government education programs will not lead to the success of kids.



NOT BROKEN believes high school civics should explain to kids that freedom to apply their talents lead to success.

School should be a place where kids have the freedom to apply their natural talents.

Many of our American Founders believed that we must live and teach liberty.

In the earliest days of our nation, a handful of unsung heroes—including women, slaves, and an Iroquois chief—made crucial contributions to our republic.

They pioneered the ideas that led to the Bill of Rights, the separation of powers, and the abolition of slavery.

Yet, their faces haven’t been printed on our currency or carved into any cliffs.

It’s important that their ideas are part of the civics conversation.


NOT BROKEN believes civics should be action-oriented.   

The best way for our kids to learn civics is to do public service by increasing liberty and opportunities for success in their communities. 

In Rediscovering Americanism, Mark R. Levin revisits the founders’ warnings about the perils of overreach by the federal government and concludes that the men who created our country would be outraged and disappointed to see where we’ve ended up.

A great book for parents and their high school kids to read together.

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