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STEM for all Ages

What’s the best way to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to kids? 

NOT BROKEN believes the best way for kids to learn STEM starts with their talents.   

Natural scientists

NOT BROKEN believes kids are natural scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Kids experiment, combine and collect objects, as they build and manipulate their world around them. 

Kids are curious, love exploring, can’t wait to take things apart and put them back together in their own way.   

Toys and learning

STEM toys allow kids to play and learn at their own pace, use their talents, and have lots of fun. 

Without being told,  kids develop thinking and problem-solving skills through play. 

NOT BROKEN believes the most important thing parents can do is to encourage their kid’s creativity.  

Parents know best

Parents have a pretty good idea of the type and best toys for their kids. 

NOT BROKEN has identified some of the best STEM Toys for your consideration. 

We hope you like the STEM toys below and as always, your feedback is appreciated. 

Remember to check back often as we keep updating toys for you to consider.

STEM for older kids

A great STEM Physics Kit for junior-senior high school kids.  Kids learn to be creative, “out-of-the-box thinkers. 

An engaging Electronics Exploration Kit with hands-on active problem-solving. 

Parents and kids can problem-solve together with the Structural Engineering Kit. A Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner.

Starting with STEM basics and moving forward is the Happy Atoms Kit.  KAPi Award Winner.

Take a close look at the STEM Newton’s Laws Kit.  Hands-on experiments in inertia, momentum, and energy.

STEM for younger kids

The worst thing we can do is make STEM one more thing for kids to learn.  

NOT BROKEN believes STEM can be a continuation of play. 

The STEM toys below encourage kids to play with STEM ideas.  

Amusement Park of the Future is a great toy that steers kids toward real-world experiences.

Using their talents, interests, and curiosity, combined with STEM disciplines, kids take charge of their own learning.

STEM Engineering and Building Blocks Kit.  Kickstart design thinking for you kid.  

Foundation chemistry kit: Dozens of STEM experiments that take girls seriously.

Play – Learning – Fun   Parents, check out these great learning resources – Interactive coding toys, 22 piece set, ages 4+

Be your kid’s best teacher with this Deluxe Lab Set.  Playful scientific experiments to jumpstart your kid thinking.

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