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Strength-Based Education (SBE) – Coming Soon  Join the SBE Community

Teach Your Children – Every generation has a sacred obligation to tell the story of the American Republic.  We do this not just to inform future generations but to honor those who gave us liberty.  Click here for resources

10 Gifts Moms Need or Can Use – Moms are the backbones of most families. Moms know how to heal our wounds, physical and emotional.  Our Moms made constant sacrifices, so their kids’ lives will be better.  Moms make lunch for you, support your dreams, and stress the importance of clean underwear. Our Moms hear and see everything we do and somehow remember all the things about us that we have forgotten.  So, when thinking about your Mom and all she has done and will do for you, here are 25 things your Mom may need or can use.  Click here to view some great gifts for Mom. 

Moms Aren’t Wishy-Washy – Moms stand for great stuff. They love their kids, will do everything to make sure they are safe and want them to reach their full potential.  Moms are trusting and respectful  —  just don’t cross them when it comes to their kids! Continue reading

Identifying Your Kid’s Talents – Moms and Dads, one of the most important things you can do is discover and nurture your kid’s natural talents.  The first few years of your kid’s life are critical to her overall development and you don’t need buzzers and bells or a library of books to create a family culture of success for your kid. Continue reading

8 Ways to Get Great Tech Habits as a Family – Pulling the Internet plug is probably not going to work.  While Moms and Dads struggle with their Kids and technology, the result is often feast or famine.  What is the proper balance and are there some good options?  From safety issues to problems associated with interpersonal relationships, Moms and Dads need to set rules and boundaries for their kids.  How this done is the key.  It’s important that decisions are made with respect and consideration.  Luckily, there are things Moms and Dads can do to create a healthy and positive tech environment for their kids. Continue reading

Why Art Is Important In Early Childhood – Moms and Dads, don’t forget about art.  Too often parents are told to focus on academics: reading and math.  The reality is art has a positive impact on your kid’s growth.  Art for preschoolers is a great way to encourage creativity and problem-solving. Continue reading                                             
Knowing Your Kid’s Talents Just May Change Everything – Knowing your kid’s talents are the key to his success.   The first step is to have your kid take a quick assessment to determine his natural talents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Strength Explorer for Ages 10 -14 is a great way to identify your kid’s talents. This small booklet that is heavily research-based, provides you and your kid with a summary outline of how to build a simple curriculum around your kid’s talents.
  • You’ll be able to have a wonderful conversation with your kid based on his talents and interests.
  • Your kid can do to grow his talents.  

Just imagine how your kid will feel about himself when he discovers his talents.  Equally important are the positive, supportive conversations between you and your kid that will take place. Click here to purchase your copy.