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10 Dance Moves For Parents and Kids

One of the best ways to channel our boundless energy is with “dance.”  Dancing is a highly physical activity, resulting in significant improvement in our overall physical health.  Dance brings families together.  It is a form of communication where parents and their kids can express so much without uttering a single word.  With dance, we can express our feeling and emotions without a phone or computer.  The ideas below will spark your thinking on how dance can be a catalyst for creating great family relationships.

1. Moms and Dads Become a Dance Partner: Creative Dance for All Ages

This one-stop resource offers everything you need, including a sequential curriculum, lesson plans, instructional strategies, assessment, and other forms. It’s like having a seasoned dance teacher at your side offering inspiration and guidance all year long.

2. Be a Country Expert at Swing: Set a Time Once a Week for a Family Dance Party 

A great start for beginners and those who have never taken a dance step.

3. Hold a Family Contest: Invite Your Kids to a Dance Competition

Parents and kids get ready to compete in the ultimate DANCE OFF.

4. Family Members Create New Dance Moves:  Kids and Parents Create Together

Simple rules let players start right away with challenges on the way. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

5. Moms and Dads, Let’s Shake It Up: Hip Hop For Kids 

Increase and expand positive family communications with “Hip Hop” dance.

6. Turn Your Family Into a Talent Showcase: Kids Giant Piano Fun Dance Mat

This is much more than a toy.  The giant piano tech mat gives your kids an opportunity to showcase their musical talents.

7. A Great Way to Turn Off Tech: Ballet Helps to Transform Talents into Strengths

PERFECT FOR ALL DANCE STYLES. The MaxDancer will help every dancer. Regardless of what style of dance, MaxDancer improves technique and control over body movements.

8. Hold a Family Dance With Your Hands:  With these Colorful LED Rave Gloves, Kids and Parents Can Hold a Family Party Any Time of the Year.

Glove glows orange, green, red, white and blue in 6 different modes. Put together a dance show with your hands. 

9. Our Kids’ Greatness Begins With Their Dreams: You Can’t Get Much Better than the Ballet Dancing Girls 3D Lamp Night Light  

A lovely and soft ballet dancing girls night light brings you a pleasant and peaceful sleep. 

10. Have Your Kids Dance for Joy: This Mini Trampoline Arcade is a Fantastic Way to Have Your Kid Combine Body and Mind and Get Rid of  Excessive Energy  

Listen to music, dance, jump, and play; this mini trampoline for kids offers an exciting workout with a safe, fun touch-sensitive playmat that lets kids bounce, dance and spin.

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