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15 Amazing Games for the Entire Family

Families that play together are happier, have less stress, and are generally more loving.  Game playing is habit-forming and you will be surprised how much your kids, regardless of their age, will look forward to “game night.”    And it’s not just a game.  Your kids will always know that they can count on you to be there for them when at least one day a week is set aside for family fun.  The following are 15 amazing games that encourage family togetherness.

1. Nothing Brings a Family Together More Than Laughter:  Play This Game Over and Over Again

Parents and kids get tongue-tied, funny answers come flying out and laughter is sure to follow in this fast-paced party game.

2. Parents and Kids: Put Your Knowledge of Slogans, Commercials, and Logos to the Test

It’s the game of things you know and love! From chocolate to cereal, football to flowers, soap to shoes—they all have logos!

3. Family Action Fun: Kick Gemini 55″ in Foosball Table

Start a family competition and make it a weekly event.  Kids and parents can figure out ways to make competition the glue that holds the family together.

4. Fast-Paced Family Action: Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit – Includes Playing Net, 3 Balls, Drawstring Bag, Rule Book

AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK – Spikeball is a fun, active, and competitive (if you want it to be) 2 on 2 outdoor indoor sports game played on college campuses, tailgates, the lawn, yard, backyard, beach or gym with rules kind of like volleyball.

5. Parents and Kids Make the NFL a Family Business: MasterPieces NFL-Opoly Junior Board Game, Collector’s Edition Set, For 2-4 Players 

Make trades during the NFL Combine and NFL Drafts to complete groups of the same color and earn more money.  Collect key positions and equipment as you go around the board.

6. Goodminton | The World’s Easiest Racket Game | an Indoor Outdoor Year-Round Fun Racquet Game for the Entire Family

Best way to introduce racquet sports to kids or beginners | Play over a badminton net for competitive fun | Low-impact exercise | Simple, easy, and ridiculously fun!

7. Family Fun Under the Stars: This Lawn Darts Game Takes a Simple Idea and Turns It into Many Nights to Remember

An exciting new way to play lawn darts.  Family Game for kids and parents.  Perfect for backyard, lawn, beach and more.

8. Our Family Moments: 100 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Great Parent-Kid Relationships

Educate through fun. Improve listening skills. Ask questions and listen carefully to the answers. Talk about it. There is no correct answer and no judgment.

9. A Family-Friendly Card Game: A Challenging Game for All Family Members and All Ages

EASY-TO-LEARN AND QUICK-TO-PLAY (10 minutes) – the best game for moms and dads that want their kids (and even neighbors and grandparents) to spend some quality time together and laugh.

10. Interactive Game for Kids and Parents: The Floor is Lava, So You Better Keep Moving.  Promotes Physical Activity – Indoor and Outdoor Safe

FUN FOR ALL: Any kid or parent will have fun taking part in this quick and easy game! The game gets everyone jumping, leaping, playing, and improving their strength, conditioning, balance, and endurance!  

11. A Creative Adventure: Engage Young Minds by Fusing Math, Science, and Creativity.  

CREATIVITY: Sparks hours of imaginative free play in children. Anything they can dream, they can create!

12. Golf & Pool Combined Get the Whole Family Playing: This Exciting Indoor Game that Combines the Challenge of Golf with the Game of Pool

Skill-building: while playing and creating family memories, kids will build important skills of hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking.

13. Replace Video Games with Family Fun: Tabletop Bowling Balls Game, Shuffleboard and Bowling Desktop Board Game

Parents can go head to head against each other, with no advantage either way. Unless of course the kids have been practicing secretly and come out and beat all the mums, dads and the grandparents too.  A truly wonderful family game.

14. A Family Travel Adventure: A Fast-Paced, Award-Winning Boardgame

Connect two faraway iconic cities in North American and build your train routes to earn points.

15. Family Fun:  The Laughs Don’t Stop as Each Player Tries to Make Sense of the Their World Around Them 

Unique gameplay: players put on the vision distorting glasses and try to draw a challenge for their team to guess before time runs out.

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