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9 Ways Music Stimulates Learning

1. Try a New Approach: Music That Stimulates Fun & Learning

A great production of traditional kids’ songs.  After a song, hold a conversation with your kid about what they heard.  Each song can stimulate your kid’s imagination, storytelling, and artistic talents.

2. Music is a Great Teacher: This Lively and Imaginative Book Helps Kids Learn about Music and Sound While They Develop the Ability to Listen, Concentrate, be Creative, Improvise, and Trust One Another

Using popular songs and simple instruments kids and their parents get to play listening games, concentration games, musical quizzes, trust games, guessing games, and more.

3. A World of Musical Opportunities: A Complete, Ready-To-Implement Set of Techniques for Weaving Movement and Music Into Your Kid’s Day

Ample resources include websites and other sources for ordering music, instruments, equipment, and props, and more.

4. Art and Science: Parents and Kids Explore the Connection between Music and the Latest Brain Research

Composers produce pleasurable effects of listening to music by exploiting the way our brains make sense of the world.

5. Get Ready for an Exciting Journey into the World of Song:  Kids Learn about Well-Crafted Lyrics, Melodies, and Song-Writing

Each chapter ends with some practical lessons that will take your writing to the next level. So pack your journal, a notebook, and some pens and pencils. Bring along all your creativity, your courage, and your sense of wonder, and we’ll be off. And hey—if you’re not exactly a kid, it’s ok. Songwriters of every age are welcome on this adventure!

6. Make Music Count: This Comprehensive Workbook Focuses on the Relationship Between Math and Playing the Piano

You’ll apply the application of the Unit Circle, degrees, radians, and matrices all of which will derive the piano notes to immediately play songs on the piano.

7. Music at Home:  A Guide for Creating a Musically Rich Home

Raise musically insightful kids, and make connections with your kids that will last a lifetime

8. Introducing Your Kids to Classical Music: A Picture Book with Its Panel of 19 Sound Buttons is Like a Ticket to a Concert Hall

Using one of the most famous works in classical music—Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony—here is the perfect way to introduce a young child to the world of Classical Music.

9. Music as History: From the Moment the Pilgrims Landed, to the Dark Days Following September 11th, Songs of Faith Have Inspired, Comforted, and Rallied the American People

The stories behind these songs will inspire parents and kids and bring new meaning and richness to the special moments in the history of America.

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