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10 Things You Can Do To Make Your Kid A Campion

1. Positive Parenting Tips

Parents, especially young parents, face more challenges than their own parents when it comes to child discipline. The idea of raising your kid the same way you were raised is a big temptation, especially when you turned out okay. But with the world constantly changing around us, your kid will be exposed to situations that are different from those you faced with as a child, so applying the same methods, even with the best of intentions, may not be what’s best for your kid.  Continue reading

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2. Find out what fires up your kid 

Every kid should strive to be great at one or more things.  Every parent should help their kids discover their passion. Give your kid a gift that lasts a lifetime.  Continue reading


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3. Making champions of your kids

The years of early childhood represent the most fertile period for creating true champions of your kids. This is the time they are most receptive to knowledge, learning by example and absorbing all that happens around them like a sponge absorbs water.  Continue reading 

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4. Ten ways to determine the strengths of your kids

When the talents and strengths of all kids are valued remarkable things happen. An important activity is for kids to understand that each and every one of them has strengths.  These can come in the form of activities (ex. dance, hockey, math, etc) and in the form of character strengths. Continue reading

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5. Raising well-balanced kids

Here are tips you can use right now to create a successful learning environment for your kids. Continue reading

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6. Finding Out what your kid will be

All parents ask the question of “What will my kid grow up to be?”  Continue reading

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7. Twenty conversation starters with your kids

Holding conversations with your kids is a great way to build positive, supportive relationships that will have major benefits during the teen years. Continue reading

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8. Creating the inner wealth in your kids

Every kid is born with natural talents and it is up to parents to make sure opportunities exist for talents to blossom into strengths and ultimately success. Continue reading

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9. Parents guide to raising champions

Sports can be a great teacher for kids but only when parents know how to communicate what it means to be successful. Continue reading

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How strengths unlock parenting effectiveness

Focus on your kid’s uniqueness. Nurture their innate gifts, their talents, and their strengths.  Continue reading

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