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10 Ways to Make Homework an Adventure for Parents and Kids

1. Make Homework a Game

Homework can be a great learning experience for your kids.  Regardless of their age or interests,  homework can be an opportunity for you and your kids to have fun together. Continue reading 

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2. Overcome resistance with purpose

Homework without purpose encourages resistance.  When homework is framed around talents and interests, the purpose is discovered. Continue reading

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3. Focus on what works

Homework should increase confidence by emphasizing success.  Math is a great example of using homework to introduce new concepts by linking them to past success.  It’s simple: Success breeds success. Continue reading

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4. Talk with your kid’s teachers about homework

Homework should reflect your kid’s talents, interests, and needs and homework does not need to be separated from family activities.  If you want to increase your kid’s math skills, for example, consider all of the ways math is used during family time.  The best homework is a bridge between the school and the home. Continue reading

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5. Achieve a homework balance

Homework should be a part of a parent-teacher conversation and not unilaterally determined by the schools.  Make sure your kid’s teachers know what responsibilities and activities your kids have after school.  From family choirs and obligations to sports and a little bit of free time, homework should always be just one part of the balancing act. Continue reading

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6. Create great homework habits

Homework habits, including time, schedule, and, environment, are more likely to take hold when kids feel their talents, skills, and knowledge are being utilized.  It’s hard to learn things when they are not built on what you already know. Continue reading

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7. Rewards for great homework

Homework rewards make sense when they are part of an overall plan for kids to practice and perfect their talents.  Whether it’s science, social studies, math, or language arts, when kids’ talents drive the learning process, rewarding success is the way progress is made.  Continue reading

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8. Nurture a love for learning

Homework can be an opportunity for kids to learn, experiment and discover their world around them.  When your kids begin school it’s up to you, their parents, to make sure the school does not diminish this passion for learning. From homework to everyday choirs, nurture a love for learning every day. Continue reading

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9. Organize a homework club

Homework does not have to be a struggle and while there are multiple strategies for encouraging kids to do their homework one great approach is to organize teams of kids to work together and support each other.  Peer-to-peer or kid-to-kid relationships can be extremely powerful tools in the learning process. Continue reading

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10. Empower your kids with a strong work ethic

Homework needs to be expanded way beyond what is required in school.  When kids learn work leads to purpose and meaning they develop a powerful sense of accomplishment.  A strong work ethic builds personal responsibility and character. Continue reading

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