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Free Stuff for Parents and Kids

Parent coach plan

Be a coach to your kids.  Here’s a one-stop-shop for printable parenting tips, tools, and advice. Continue reading

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Eight cool things kids can get in the mail

Make the mailbox the beginning of an exciting adventure for you and your kids.  Continue reading

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Free activities for kids 

Here are 50 activities families can do together; activities that combine learning, play, and fun. Continue reading

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Free school stuff for all ages

Make sure you and your kids take advantage of this free educational fun stuff. Continue reading

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Fourteen web site resources for high school students

There are lots of online resources for high school kids in almost every subject area.  Continue reading

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Elementary games, activities, and lessons

Discover online educational resources to help kids reach their learning goals. Lots of free stuff by grade, subjects, and topics.  Continue reading

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How to find free stuff for kids

Find all kinds of resources for your kid’s talents and interests.  Continue reading

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Free and fun resources for teaching Spanish to kids

Interested in teaching Spanish to your kids?  Videos, online materials, books, games, and much more — all free.  Continue reading

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Free educational online resources for curious kids  

Spark your kid’s curiosity and their passion for learning. Continue reading

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