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8 Reasons Why Parents Should Support Strength-Based Learning

#1 Kids have fun

Parents understand how learning works because they see it every day.  Kids experiment, imagine and invent while developing knowledge and skills.  When kids play they apply their natural talents to what interests them while learning through trial and error.  There is no set curriculum yet kids learn.

Parents are told by the education community what and how kids should learn and parents are expected to simply go along with whatever teachers and administrators say.  The result has been more money and more bureaucracy to our schools with fewer satisfactory results and less success.

Strength-based learning is a powerful new approach to the education of our kids; an approach that involves parents as partners and builds a curriculum around student talents and strengths.  Check out the resources below to find out how learning can be fun and natural.

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#2 Kids go to better schools

Schooling is best when talents and strengths drive the curriculum. A strength-based school emphasizes the strengths of kids over their weaknesses.  Kids learn more and at a faster rate when they focus on their natural talents and strengths.

Teachers also feel more successful and accomplished when they are allowed to start with kids’ talents and strengths first.

Standards and a comprehensive curriculum have not been found to produce successful learning and outcomes for a growing number of kids.  Check out the resources below to see how your kid’s school can become strength-based.

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#3 Kids have talents

Be a talent guide for your kids. Public education focuses on kids learning a curriculum guided by a set of standards for every subject and grade level.  Kids are required to learn a curriculum separate and apart from their talents and interests.  The links below provide a variety of assessments that can be given to kids to determine their talents, strengths, character, and interests.    Based on the assessment results, you and your kids can have great conversations.  Check out the links below to see how you can support and guide your kids’ strengths.

With the discovery of your kids’ talents, strengths, character, and interests, you will have the opportunity to positively engage your kids like never before.  Strength-based learning creates a climate where parents and kids have fun together doing school work — unheard of in today’s public school environment.  The resources below provide some examples of how your kids’ talents and strengths can be used to create great learning opportunities. 

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#4 Kids are valued

To value kids is to value their talents and strengths.  Our schools should be a place of excitement and creativity where all kids have the opportunity to strive for success.  When kids learn in an environment that emphasizes their talents they are much more likely to take risks and responsibility for their own learning.  Check out the resources below to give your kids a true sense of purpose which they will carry with them for the rest of their life. 

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#5 Kids are happier

The goal and purpose of public education should be to encourage kids to discover their own greatness — not to teach a curriculum or set of standards that are often politically motivated with little relevance to kids’ talents and strengths.  A set curriculum means nothing if kids do not believe they are valued and important.  Kids, like adults, want to feel respected, appreciated, and happy.  It’s pretty hard to be happy when kids view school as a place where they constantly fail or are bored out of their minds.  In strength-based schools, kids are encouraged to use their talents, without boundaries, or limitations placed on them by a curriculum that have little meaning or purpose.  Take a look at the resources below to make your kid’s school a healthy, happy place.

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#6 Kids have opportunities

Tax supported public education was created to make sure America has an educated and literate citizenry.  For people to remain free it is necessary all kids have an opportunity to be successful; this can only happen when every kid is valued for the talents they possess and the potential they can contribute to society. Strength-based learning continues the tradition of American independence, self-reliance, and resilience — all necessary for personal success. Strength-based learning provides opportunities to all kids by emphasizing talents over a set curriculum.  Most important, in a strength-based school, every kid has an opportunity to apply their talents to create their own brand of success.

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#7 Kids have success

A strength-based culture emphasizes the talents, interests, and passion of kids. But a culture of success is much more. British education guru, Sir Ken Robinson, known for his breakthrough books and scholarship, gained major recognition for a 2006 TED talk on the topic of whether schools kill students’ creativity—and that video has been viewed over 45 million times.  Yet, today, our schools have become more bureaucratic and regulated.  Instead of emphasizing talents and strengths, the public schools have doubled-down on curriculum, ideology, and regulations.  Parents are not viewed as partners and often told by school boards to stay our of their kid’s classroom.  

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#8 Kids have a boost

By emphasizing strengths over weaknesses we give all kids an opportunity for success.  Parents know best about what’s best for their kids and this doesn’t end when kids enter the public schools.  Strength-based education brings parents back into the learning process.  Kids also develop trust in learning; they no longer have to be afraid that they might fail 0r worse categorized as a failure.  Kids love schools that emphasize their strengths over a set curriculum.  But strength-based learning must begin in kindergarten or preschool.  Kids must know right from the beginning in their education that the focus is on them and their natural talents.  If our schools do this, kids will have a boost in their education.  When learning is focused on talents, parents partner with their kids to grow their kids’ talents.  In this way, school becomes an extension of the family where parents support the talents, abilities, and interests of their kids as they grow into strengths.

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