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20 Reasons to Personalize Learning

1. Individualized learning creates opportunities for all 

Helping kids discover and develop their talents – regardless if they reside in sports, music or another pursuit – requires parents and teachers to work together.  Continue reading

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2. Individualized learning goes beyond differentiated instruction

Differentiated instruction is a teaching method for groups of students. Individualized instruction starts with the talents and interests of one student. Continue reading

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 3. What you need to know about personalized learning 

To get an idea of what personalized learning is, try to picture a classroom that doesn’t have a “one size fits all” approach to education.  Continue reading

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4. Ten ways to personalize learning

Personalized learning is when kids take responsibility for their learning by setting appropriate goals that align with their interests and talents. Continue reading

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5. Seven personalized learning strategies

Personalized learning requires many changes in public education. Continue reading

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