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5 Books to Inform & Inspire

The NOTBROKEN Team has assembled 5 books we believe will inform and inspire parents to view themselves and their kids in new ways.

The books offer new approaches for teaching and learning and the importance of play, independence, and empowerment in the education process.

Each book shows when parents view their kids from a strength-based perspective everything changes.

Moms and dads are teachers, counselors, leaders, protectors, and providers for their kids.  Together, parents raise their kids, teach them values, and provide basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing.

NOTBROKEN believes if moms and dads are going to invest their time and money in reading a parenting book, it should leave them informed and inspired to make good decisions.

​In today’s world, children and teens are bombarded with ever-shifting standards, expectations and conflicting values

The NOTBROKEN Team has spent considerable time researching and selecting 5 books to help inform and inspire parents to overcome these challenges.

Each of the books offers moms and dads valuable insights and information on growing their kids’ talents into strengths and creating opportunities for success.

We hope you will find each of these 5 Books to Inform & Inspire, a vital parenting resource.

1. The Self-Driven Child – Inform & Inspire Through Independence & Self-Reliance

The first book recommended to inform & inspire is “The Self-Driven Child.

This book shows how the latest brain research and behavioral studies will reduce anxiety and stress for you and your kid.

Regardless of how your kid is classified by the schools, all kids have talents that can lead to success.

You will never look at teaching and learning again in the same way

To begin growing your kid’s talents, take a look at this action-oriented book of ideas and suggestions to reduce anxiety and stress for you and your kid; a book that has been ranked Number One on Amazon’s Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and Parenting lists.

When parents see their children’s problems as opportunities to build their relationship instead of negative, burdensome irritations, it totally changes the nature of parent-kid interactions. Parents become more willing, even excited, about deeply understanding and helping their children.   — Stephen Covey


The authors of The Self-Driven Child explain the importance of control and autonomy for children and teens so they have a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Watch the video.

The Self-Driven Child: Restoring Faith in Your Kid’s Talents

You know your kid’s talents and her potential for success. But when it comes to homework she continues to struggle. Find out what you can do right now. 

The Self-Driven Child focuses on real everyday issues.

Frustrated and often angry your kid says things like:

  • I never get things right. No matter how much I study, I’m always wrong. I just don’t learn,
  • I really thought I knew the right answers. I practiced as hard as I could but when it came to the test I froze.
  • I thought he was my friend but when it came to being picked, it’s as if I was invisible.
  • I’m tired of trying. No matter what I do, nothing ever goes right for me.
  • My teacher doesn’t care if I learn or not. 

How Talents Develop and Grow

Learning is best when talents are a priority. Without going into too much detail, let’s discuss how your kid’s talents develop.

During the first year of life, his brain forms about a hundred billion neuron cells that are linked together by several hundred trillion synaptic connections.

These connections create a neural network that processes and exchanges enormous amounts of information.  Continue reading

Purchase Self-Driven Child

Your kid is a bundle of talents, interests, and energy that our schools often ignore.  From social media to homework, click here to receive dozens of teaching and learning ideas and strategies to create a productive, positive relationship with your kid and build a family culture of success.

2. Free to Learn – Inform & Inspire Through a Passion for Learning

In “Free to Learn,” parents are shown how kids thrive when they are entrusted to steer their own learning and development.

Free to Learn,” the second of our 5 books, informs and inspires parents to see play as essential to learning — something that should not stop when kids enter school.

Drawing on evidence from anthropology, psychology, and history, “Free to Learn demonstrates that free play is the primary means by which kids learn to control their lives, solve problems, get along with peers, and become emotionally resilient.

Free to Learn” suggests it’s time to stop asking what’s wrong with our kids and start asking what’s right with them.

Free to Learn” shows how we can act — both as parents and as members of society — to improve children’s lives and to promote their happiness and learning.

3. Stop Yelling and Love Me More, Please Mom – Inform & Inspire Through Loving Relationships

The ideas and activities expressed in this book will benefit your whole family.

Your kids will stop arguing, you will be less stressed, and your family will be more of a harmonic place.

Look for the triggers! This book will inform and inspire you by providing positive, strength-based strategies for responding to your kids.

Stop Yelling and Love Me More,” describes why strict or permissive parenting does not work.

This book shows how the power of love can teach us so much about ourselves and our kids.

You will learn just how easy it is to embrace a strength-based positive parenting style.

4. Strong Mothers, Strong Sons – Inform & Inspire Through Strengths & Confidence

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons” shares the secrets that every mother needs to know in order to strengthen—or rebuild—her relationship with her son.

Boys today face unique challenges and pressures, and the burden on moms to guide and teach their boys can feel overwhelming.

This empowering book, our 4th choice, “Strong Mothers, Strong Sons,” offers a road map to help moms find the strength and confidence to raise extraordinary sons by providing encouragement, education, and practical advice.

The critical point discussed:

  • Moms exercising courage, showing boldness, and advocating for their sons.
  • Moms teaching their sons about the values of hard work and personal responsibility.
  • Moms holding strength-based, natural conversations to build confidence and resilience.

When a mother holds her baby boy for the first time, she also instinctively knows something else: If she does her job right and raises her son with self-esteem, support, and wisdom, he will learn to become the man she knows he was meant to be.

Strong Mothers, Strong Sons” shows what is possible when moms and their sons teach and learn together with respect and mutual support.

5. Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters – Inform & Inspire Through Guidance & Care

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters,” our 5th recommendation, is a critical read for all dads seeking to connect and stay connected with their daughters.

Learn why an active father figure is maybe the single most important factor in a young woman’s development.

This book will inform & Inspire dads to realize how much they can teach and learn from their daughters.

Learn how a father can be both teacher, counsel and protector for his daughter as she grows into a spiritually and mentally strong young woman.

From cradling his newborn to walking her down the aisle, a father must relish his paramount responsibility—guiding the course of his daughter’s life.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” reveals:

  • Why a father’s guidance influences every part of his daughter’s life.
  • How a father sets ground rules that are respected and supported.
  • Why a father needs to be his daughter’s hero.
  • How to help daughters make their own good decisions and avoid disastrous mistakes.

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” offers dads great ideas and strategies for creating and maintaining powerful and sustainable strength-based teaching and learning relationships with their daughters.

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